Research Methodology in Humanities & Social Sciences

Master’s, doctoral, and early-career researchers around the world often confess that scientific research tends to be a challenging and time-consuming journey. Nonetheless, it has been reported that involving diverse stakeholders within the academic community has the potential to render the process more efficient, effective, and even enjoyable (Bryman, 2016). In tandem, the goal of this national training is to bring doctoral students, thesis supervisors, experienced researchers, educators, and professionals from various academic disciplines together around in order to collaborate, share knowledge, exchange experiences, and discuss recent developments and current challenges in relation to theoretical and practical aspects of dissertation research and writing. The training will offer comprehensive insights into the intricacies of the research process, placing a particular emphasis on selecting appropriate research methodologies that adhere to the most rigorous standards. Moreover, this training will provide an essential platform for master’s, doctoral, and burgeoning researchers to express their concerns, solicit feedback, and gain valuable guidance from mentors, supervisors and established scholars concerning their future research trajectories. Thus, this event is geared towards cultivating a supportive community of scholars, encouraging a culture of collaborative research and networking, improving academic and scholarly practices, and creating lasting connections among various stakeholders (doctoral postdoctoral researchers, thesis supervisors, experienced researchers, and professionals).

Last date for receiving the application: January 7th, 2024