Politique financière et souveraineté de l’État marocain à l’épreuve de la mondialisation des échanges

La théorie de la souveraineté connait aujourd’hui une évolution remarquable dans le concept même. Le simple fait de penser à la souveraineté de l’État en tant que concept abstrait nous amène à réfléchir à ce qu’est l’État et à ses rôles. Étant donné la multiplicité des fonctions pivotantes de l’État dans son environnement extérieur, et … Read more

Crises et gestion de la crise alimentaire dans les pays du Sahel: Etude critique des politiques publiques et des politiques de partenariat?

Since the first years of their independence, the Sub Saharan African Countries have been confronted with development and underdevelopment problems. A very complex situation where various internal and external political, economic, social, geopolitical and environmental factors intertwine and contribute to keeping these countries in a permanent situation of intensive crisis. Indeed, they are constantly facing various threats whose consequences for their populations are most disastrous.

Administrative Judge and Protection of Civil and Political Rights

Abstract: This topic is related to his preoccupation with one of the most important branches of human rights due to its specificity and sensitivity in the lives of individuals and groups. The topic of “Administrative Judge and Protection of Civil and Political Rights” is through studying it, on the one hand, from the angle of … Read more

The Parliamentary opposition in the Moroccan constitutional system: The ninth legislative mandate 2011-2016 a comparative study

The thesis’s report on:  The parliamentary opposition issue has formed one of the most critical malfunctions in the parliament. Therefore, we tried our best to provide a research product that clarifies its position and rank in the institutional hierarchy. Along with featuring the guarantees and efficiencies that have been granted to it in the new … Read more

Protest Movements in the Arab Spring and Opportunities for Democratic Transition: Morocco and Tunisia Model

Abstract:   The research thesis was contextualized it possible to deal with the societal dynamism of populations in much of North Africa and the Middle East, known as the “Movements and Revolutions of the Arab Spring” which began in late 2010 in Tunisia, Its dynamics and interactions are still valid until this moment. The researcher believes, … Read more

The question of financial independence between the legal text and the practical situation

Abstract: Morocco’s politics has always linked the territorial decentralization as a system/strategy, in order to reduce the centrality policy and reinforcing the development on the territorial dimension. Several reasons led to this choice, especially the societal demands and needs, the state’s inability to response to these latter equally between the territorial units. That’s why state … Read more

Guarantees of international security in the Mediterranean basin.

Thesis summary: The thesis on guarantees of international security in the Mediterranean basin addresses the issue of security in the Mediterranean, which is gaining its importance through the recent transformations and events witnessed by the international arena this pushed the international community towards awareness of a set of new security threats, global crises and international … Read more

The future of public policies in the light of Risk Theory

Takamul Center for Studies and Research, in corporation with Hanns Seidel, the German Institute, and The Legal Research and Policy Analysis Laboratory at the Faculty of Law of Marrakech, has organized a National Seminar “The future of public policies in the light of Risk Theory” which was held on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 February … Read more