The Social, Educational and Psychological Effects of Covid 19 Pandemic

    This book has been published by Takamul Centre of Studies and Researches in collaboration with Researchers foundation for Studies, Research, Dissemination and Cultural Strategies, and it is part of a series of publication called “Documentation of Works Written in the Time of Corona” by Takamul Centre of Studies and Researches. This book contains articles on scientific studies in multiple fields of knowledge (sociology, pedagogy, psychology, medicine…).
   This work was coordinated by Rabia Outal and presented by Ahmed Sharak, and involved a group of professors and researchers. This book was divided into three basic axes, along with testimonies and a annex. The first included the social implications of the pandemic, in which a group of sociologists attempted to understand the pandemic through its relationship with various subjects: Social Circle, Social Transformation, Community Appearances, Sociological Stakes, Development, Domain, Social Representations, Social Action, Youth, Globalization, Trauma, Migration, Jokes. The second focus covers the educational effects of the pandemic by addressing educational issues that have been linked to this epidemiological time, in particular distance education. For the third, the psychological effects of the pandemic are ensured by trying to understand the effects of excessive use of electronic devices during this epidemiological period. In addition to these three axes, the book has been reinforced with testimonies of the experiences of doctors employed in national hospitals and contributors to the first classes to combat the pandemic. The annex presented and analyzed statistics on the global spread of the virus, with some therapeutic trials.